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Redwoods Wisdom Part 2

dinosaur and redwood

Photo by Fausto García on Unsplash

I stumbled on notes from my recent redwoods interview this morning, and would like to share some ancient history witnessed by the redwoods. To quote my brother JD Durward, if you want to know the history of an area or what happened there, ask a tree!

My beloved Nia and I were walking in the redwoods south of Fort Bragg, California. It was a beautiful day, with the sun playing hide and seek among some fluffy clouds and some light filtering to the floor of the forest. I could feel Gaylor, a redwoods spirit I had met earlier in another close by woods. I meditated and slipped into alternate reality, and immediately connected with her.

"Greetings Little Sapling!"

I laughed. This is what a huge Sitka spruce we met in Jug

Handle Park had called me yesterday. She said: "Keep growing Little Sapling, and you will be a sequoia someday!" I know trees communicate with each other!

I greeted Gayla and thanked her for talking with me.

"What was the earth like when you arrived here from your home world?"

Gayla sent me an image of dinosaurs roaming among redwoods. I wondered if tall dinosaurs like brontosaurus had grazed on the tops of the redwoods.

"No, brontosaurus and the other huge plant eaters lived in the lakes and bogs. The water helped support the huge bodies. Their long necks did not reach high enough to graze on our redwood ancestors. Smaller dinosaurs would sometimes rub on our trunks when they had an itch, but this was not dangerous at all."

"At the end of that time, was there a major climate change"

"Yes, a large comet crashed into the earth. It was very cloudy and cold for several years. We had to severely limit our growth, but most of us survived. Most of the dinosaurs perished."

"When we first met, you mentioned you came here to help manage the weather and climate. Did you help clean up after the comet?"

"Yes, we used high winds to dislodge the dust out of the atmosphere. Not an easy process but it did work."

"What energies are you involved with?"

"We help manage the energy coming from the great central sun. This energy flows through the earth's ley line system for the use of the devas and elementals. These servants of us all keep the earth functioning."

"Thank you Gayla for your help and all you do."


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