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Entities are beings that really don't belong here. They ended up in our universe by mistake, many after the fall of Atlantis. One or more entities may end up in a person's energy body. They are not evil in intent but just looking for energy. One physical sign of carrying an entity is low physical energy, sometimes with accompanying minor aches and pains.


When I scan someone's energy body, I am looking at what the Egyptians called the "Ka" body. This has a similar form as the physical body but is formed by numerous energy lines. I can discern entities and old trauma in the energy body. 


Many traditional shamanic practices focused on driving an entity away or extracting it into a crystal to remove it. Even the Catholic Church had priests trained in exorcism to remove entities from people. The approach I take is not a confrontation or a fight. I send the entity love and offer it a ride home to its own universe. Archangel Michael has offered to return any being to where it belongs. The entities are happy to come out of the body and go home, and everyone wins.


Old trauma I remove with a shamanic healing. I have a bear guide who is very skilled at this, and a raccoon guide to help clean up after the bear. I finish by reinforcing the person's aura for protection.

Check the services page for sample rates then contact me to schedule an energy body scan.

Bruce (Gentle Bear) has come to my rescue on more than one occasion when I was energetically compromised, and I recommend his masterful work whole-heartedly. Recently, I became very sick after spending some time in harsh, polarizing energy. My body was weakened; and after four days of misery, the healing remedies that I normal use were not working at all. I was also experiencing thoughts and emotions that didn’t feel like my own. My sleep was very disturbed, and I was seeing weird creatures in my dreams. I began to suspect that there was some energetic interference or entities involved. I contacted Bruce, and he responded almost instantly! I especially appreciated his fast response time, since I was feeling so lousy and was in need of quick help. Bruce did a remote scan and clearing of my body right away, and I instantly noticed a difference. I had a piercing headache for about 24 hours that wasn’t responding to medicine, and it completely went away right after Bruce found and cleared two entities.  I instantly felt lighter, as if a dark cloud had been lovingly lifted. Also, I went down for a nap shortly after, and my dreams were normal and peaceful again. I could feel my body finally beginning to heal after that, and all of my other symptoms lessoned considerably. Bruce has such an invaluable gift and a heart of gold.  If I ever experience anything like this again, he will be the first person I will contact for help.   

Adrienne, Austin Texas

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