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Ghosts in my experience are confused souls. They had no clue what would happen after they died.  A soul that experienced a violent death may not even know it has died.  After dying the soul goes to a level of the fourth dimension, similar to where we go when we sleep. The Buddhists called it bardo. This is a place of instant manifestation. This means if the soul thinks of someone it was close to or has unfinished business with, or where it lived, it will go there! Since these souls now exist in a different dimension, most people will not be able to see them. Many people will "feel" them, however!


I have been blessed with the ability to both sense and see ghosts. I do not try to chase them away when they are bothering a household. Rather I communicate with them, show them how to transition to their next soul task by going to the portal or tunnel of light, and help them go there if they so choose. They have now moved on, and will not be stuck here anymore.


Another source of "creepy feelings" is emotional imprinting.  When strong emotional or violent events happen in a house or property, these can be imprinted. When absorbed into land or house, you may feel them and not know where the emotion is coming from. These imprints can be cleared.


If you have a problem with ghosts, creepy feelings in your home or unwanted psychic phenomena like a poltergeist, I can help. Go to the services page for sample rates and contact me to order your home scanned and cleared.


A Ghost Clearing Story

Bruce's (Gentle Bear) skill at clearing negatively charged energies from homes was witnessed by me in 2008. That was when I learned, much to my dismay, that my new boyfriend's house had "issues" of paranormal occurrences ever since he'd purchased it 20 years ago. The house was affiliated with a murder that occurred in the community many years ago!

  On a long-shot, I inquired of my co-worker/ friend Bruce if he could possibly visit the home and help with the problem that had me feeling uneasy whenever I visited. He graciously came by, and after a brief opening meditation-- wherein he correctly identified the victims of the crime, and confirmed their presence as a source of numerous unusual poltergeist-like occurrences. Bruce then did a ritual walk through the whole house, utilizing drumming, chanting, and crystals. 

  He left some crystals in the basement after his walk -through and assured us the ritual clearing was a success. He was right. There has never since been another instance of the paranormal activity. The crystals Bruce placed in the basement remain there reminding us of the kind favor he bestowed to the present-- and former-- occupants of this home.      

 Barb K., Washburn, WI

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