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Dowsers of earth energy lines first described energy hot spots as a crossing of two or more ley lines and/or water lines. 


Sig Lonegren in his book "Spiritual Dowsing" reports on a statistical analysis of the German cancer registry in an attempt to discover causes of cancer. About 500 houses were found that had had multiple serious cancer cases. Study of these Krebs houses(the German word for cancer) did not find any connections shared by these houses that could be a cancer cause. As a last ditch effort, dowsers were called in to find energy lines around and inside the Krebs houses. All had energy hot spots inside the house! Many times the hot spots were in bedrooms, so occupants were literally sleeping in the intense energies.


In the woods of Wisconsin where I have spent much time, I found large gnarls in trees growing on energy lines. The excess of energy seems to have created cancer-like gnarls in trees, as having energy hot spots in a home contributed to causing cancer in people.


I can scan your home and property for energy hot spots. Many times these can be relocated outside the home.   A scan for hot spots is included in the Premium Scan site visit, which also includes clearing ghosts and strong emotional imprints from your home and land, and an energy body tuneup for you.


 I can also scan your home and property remotely from a sketch.  I will add to your layout map energy lines and hot spots, and attempt to move any hot spots found inside your home.  



Go to the services page for sample rates and contact me to order an energy scan and clearing of your home.


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