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Redwoods Rendezvous

Jackson Forest, Mendocino County, California.

I was drawn to a large redwood. I walked over to it, placed my hands on its trunk and shifted into alternative reality or shaman space.

“Greetings grandmother redwood. Thank you for all you do for everyone.”

“Greetings Ramatiti(my Polynesian/Lemurian name). My name is Gayla. I am the group energy or archetype of the redwood forest here. I have a story to share with you.”

“Thank you Gayla, I would love hearing your story.”

Instead of talking Gayla sent me an image of outer space…...spectacular, with thousands of stars and comets, novas and swirling lights! I noticed a spaceship moving through space. It was crystalline, almost transparent, and shaped of interconnecting globes.

“That is our spaceship on the long journey here from our home planet of Creta, where we are the dominant lifeform.”

Next Gayla sent a vision of numerous islands in a vast sea. Mighty redwoods rose to the dark blue sky from every island. The trees were immense, towering over the landscape.

“What a beautiful place! Why did you come here?”

“We were invited by the angels, Arcturians, Pleiadians and dragonkind many millennia ago. They were here busy creating the earth. They needed long term help managing the energies and climate. This was a joyous challenge and opportunity to be of service. Service is what we live for.”

“Thank you for all you do for the earth. Did you fly as seeds? How did you obtain a spaceship?”

“We were seedlings. I imagine our spaceship must seem magical to you. Rooted in the soil, with no hands for manipulation, how did we create a spaceship?”

Gayla paused to let me think about this.

“We redwoods, like you and your fellow humans, are pieces of God. We can create easily with our minds. When there is a need, we unite our energy and focus on a solution. Humans went down a different path, using direct physical manipulation to create. You are just starting to realize how powerful your minds are, especially when united in action.”

It was time to return to the forest trail with my beloved Nia.

“Thank you Gayla. I have learned much from your story. May we continue this conversation later?”

“Yes Ramatiti. I have much more to share with you, and hope you will share our story.”

More to Come!

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