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A Starry Night

This is a guest post by my good friend Steve Hayes. Steve's love and spirituality light up my life and this post. And now,

enjoy a Starry Night! (Thank you Mr Van Gogh and Steve)

Thursday, June 22, 2017: It’s 11:12 pm. I just came in from sitting on the deck in the dark. It is a cloudless, moonless night and the stars are spectacular. I just stared at them as they slowly came into view and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. The more stars I saw, the more my heart filled with love. I remembered looking at the stars at other times in my life and feeling alone. The stars seemed so distant. Not tonight. Tonight, it felt like they were all looking back at me.

In my head, I said, “talk to me”. I started naming various Guides. I saw two or three fireflies, six satellites, two planets, the milky way and one falling star. I saw stars in the shape of a circle with a couple of other stars that seemed to be waiting to join. I heard in my head “broaden your circle”. As the love within my heart grew, I said, I trust you. I have faith in you. Before the words were fully spoken the falling star sped across the sky and tailed off in an unusual way.

I felt the Oneness. I felt as one with all the stars. They didn’t seem far away at all. I could feel their love in return. Not just the stars did I feel as one with but, the trees, the earth, the animals and the elements. Then an awareness came to me that our Guides are not just here to guide us. Angels aren’t just here to protect us. Faeries aren’t just here to make us laugh and bring us joy. Spirit Animals aren’t just here to share their wisdom. I have felt the Oneness before. I have felt love from the Guides many times. But tonight, I remembered the love affair. The Oneness is a great love affair with innumerable others. My heart is bursting! My Soul is shining like the sun! I am madly in love with all of life, every living thing in form and in Spirit!

Yes, our Guides can comfort us when we’re hurting; protect us when we’re in danger; teach us when we are wanting for knowledge; and bring us joy and wonder, when we are unfeeling and lost. If that is all we see in them, we are missing the big picture. Keep letting them into your heart until you remember the greatest love affair of all. The Oneness!

Thanks for reading this post. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends. We are co-hosting a workshop, "Inner Spiritual Guidance" in the Los Angeles area in October- see my events page.

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