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Avebury Stone Circle Adventure

"Energy Funnel"

at Avebury

(photos by Nia Durward)

The stone circle at Avebury is very large, with a whole village built in the middle. A smaller inner ring appears to send energy through a funnel of two gigantic stones into a deep circular ditch which circles the henge. This looks like it was created to hold water, making the henge an island. Energy still flows there, amplified and directed into an adjoining ley line.

Before our trip to the United Kingdom, Nia and | had received messages that our purpose in traveling was to do needed energy work on the Michael line. At Avebury I received further instruction that improving the energy flow here would spread though and improve the ley line energy flow. Nia also felt we needed to create a column of light to bring more energy into the circle. The whole henge felt like an energy amplifier for the ley line system.

We found the approximate center of the stone circle, joined hands and meditated, bringing a column of light from the central sun to the core of the earth. The new energy flow felt amazing, directed by the henge stones through the funnel and swirling into the ditch and around. Although this was very strong energy, we felt completely grounded. We felt expansive, connecting with the whole of creation and the universe. I took advantage of the energy to journey out into space and to the Pleiades.

I have incorporated that expansive feeling into my morning meditations, remembering my connection to everything.

Also at Avebury we found a wonderful old grove of oaks. This was a special healing place, with many prayer offerings tied to the roots and branches. The roots from the four oaks intertwine and cover the whole top of the hill. Fairy energy is common in the United Kingdom, and was strong in this grove.

On to Stonehenge!

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