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"Deviled" Dragon Eggs

This is another dragon adventure I experienced with my brother. It is also related to a curse as in the "Here Be Dragons" blog of June.

My brother had apprenticed in shamanism with The Four Winds, Dr. Alberto Villoldo's organization. His fellow shamanic apprentices had a reunion party one summer. It was outside of Minocqua, Wisconsin on a lake, a wonderful place for a get-together. One of the people there, Peter, had a physical problem with his abdomen and asked for help from everyone. I scanned him and "saw" an entity residing in his energy body. I offered to clear it for him, and Peter agreed. Several other shamans there offered to help and several joined us to observe. Peter laid down on a massage table set up in the basement, and I proceeded to contact the entity and ask it to leave as I usually do in this kind of healing. The entity came out as expected, but unexpectedly another entity immediately appeared in his energy body. This I had never experienced before, and I was befuddled. I removed another, another appeared! This happened repeatedly, and my stubborn attempts just did not work. Besides entities, several other things ended up in his energy field, including two large oval items that we didn't identify. We moved them to a corner of the room to examine later. They felt like giant eggs of some kind. When we gave up and looked for them, the "eggs" had disappeared. Several months later we discovered Peter was the victim of a complex curse that incorporated the land of Peru. He finally had to go to Peru to remove it. Curses are not my area of expertise!

The next day, my brother and I left and were driving home. My brother looked at the rear-view mirror and said "Hey, there's a dragon flying after us!"

I turned around and also saw the dragon approaching. It was carrying the two eggs we had pulled out of Peter's energy body! I excitedly told my brother, who was trying to watch the dragon and keep the car on the road at the same time. I recognized the dragon as Salazar, who I had met earlier that year. The dragon flew alongside the car on the driver's side, reached in the window and placed an egg in my brother's energy body. It then flew over the car and placed the other in my energy body!

We could both feel the eggs, and felt several babies inside each egg. Why had this happened? Were the eggs in danger? Did they need to be in a human energy body to hatch? We both had no clue. Because of the strange, at that time unresolved, situation with Peter and some other events of the weekend I was worried about the eggs.

I flew out to an Earth Keeper seminar at Mount Shasta in California, hosted by my friend James Tyberonn. I asked him if he knew anything about dragon eggs. He could also feel the egg, but said he knew nothing about dragon eggs. The climax of the seminar was a visit by Archangel Metatron, whom Tyberonn channels. Much to my surprise, Metatron addressed the dragon egg I was carrying as part of his message! He said the egg did not require time in an energy field to mature, and the egg was given as an honoring. I had met and interacted with dragon kind, and my carrying the egg was to create a strong bond with them.

Mount Shasta is one of ascended master Saint Germain's main places here on earth. That night he appeared to me just before I went to bed. He offered to take the egg and raise the young dragons. I followed him (etherically) to Telos, the Lemurian city under Mount Shasta. I was very relieved to give him the egg and have it in a safe place. A few days later I had a vision of Saint Germain holding out his arm, with six baby dragons of all colors on it! I smiled with delight and I did know them already!

I brought a rock from Mount Shasta back to my brother. He meditated with it that night and lost consciousness. When he woke up, the egg he was carrying was gone! A week later I had another vision of Saint Germain. This time he held up both arms, and had another six baby dragons on his other arm. He had accepted my brother's egg to hatch as well as mine.

I still have a strong connection with the six dragons from "my" egg . They visit me from time to time, and assist me with earth energy work and healing when I ask them. Besides the dragons, Saint Germain became one of my main spiritual guides after this insane experience!

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