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Here Be Dragons

I've been blessed with many interactions with dragon kind.

I'm referring to the dragon race that are energy engineers, here on earth to help with the creation and maintenance of Gaia's energy fields.


They have appeared to me from my first contact as dragons. My brother and other shamanic practitioners I know also see them as dragons. I have met one person who sees them as large white spheres, kind of like orbs. As with all information from beyond the veil, I feel our minds are trying to interpret this rich world with our very limited senses. One view is certainly as valid as another. To me, they are dragons!


As I understand it, the dragon race was invited to earth by the angels, soon after the earth was formed, and well before we arrived! They delight in large energy systems, and had a major role in creating the earth's energy grids. They have been busy lately helping transform the grid geometry to hold more energy.

First Meeting

Two of my major dragon experiences have been indirectly the result of a curse being placed on another person. This includes the first time I met a dragon. It's name is Salazar. My brother was doing a healing on a woman friend. He found an unexpected entity in her energy body. As he felt the energy of the entity, he realized he could work with it. He asked it if it wanted to be there. The creature replied "NO!"

My brother thought for a minute, then told it it should leave. As the entity happily came out of the woman's energy body, he marveled that it was a dragon! He guessed it had been sent as part of a curse, but the sorcerer did not know what he was sending.

I am very spiritually connected with my brother. Just after the dragon left the woman, he appeared flying around my living room! I was surprised to say the least. I greeted him and he left shortly. When my brother called to tell me the story, I told him Salazar had already visited my living room.

We always treated him with honor and respect, and he became a friend and ally. I have called on him many times when doing healing work to supply extra kundalini energy for the person. He does this just like a fire breathing dragon of legend, blowing the energy to the base of their spine. He also assists in earth energy work I've been called to do.

Next post: Salazar and the two dragon eggs

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