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The One-Eyed Brujo

And now the story I promised of the one-eyed brujo. I used the spanish name for a black magic sorcerer as this is a story of a shaman gone bad.

Char Jung

Char Jung in the woods on her farm.

My brother and shaman JD was asked to do an energy clearing on a family farm in North Dakota belonging to a dear friend Char Jung near Jamestown. I was not involved in the first clearing work.

A Wonky Woods

Char had noticed none of her farm animals and pets would go into a patch of woods by her house. When Jd walked into the woods he found many patches of ground, about ten foot by four foot each, which were slightly depressed and completely bare! Not a single blade of grass graced these areas, and it felt awful to stand in them.

This was very puzzling. JD first talked to trees in the woods but they had not been there long enough to know the history of the area and why the energy was so bizarre. The woods had been prairie then. He then did a shamanic journey to discover what had happened there. He found guardians(see previous post about guardians) in the area, and from his guides and the guardians was able to piece together the story.

He found these were the legacy of a fight between two native american tribes over the long ridge the farm was on. The tribe coming from the north employed a brujo with one eye. He sent many dark energies against the southern tribe, and the bare spots were the energetic imprint on the land.

He also discovered that the one-eyed brujo was still around in the Bardo! (read more about the Bardo in This was why guardians were there, to protect the sacred site from the brujo. Amazingly on this farm there happened to be a one-eyed cat, a one-eyed dog, a one-eyed horse, a one-eyed neighbor, and Char’s father had needed to wear an eye patch for a while! Although not there in the flesh, the brujo still had an impact on the farm!

Char and JD did an energetic land clearing ceremony, with the aid of a local group taking a class from JD. They adopted a scheme used by Machaelle Wright, author of The Perelandra Garden Workbook and Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered. They created an energetic grid under the woods underground, then gradually raised it. The intent of the ceremony was to release all energy tied to the earth that did not belong there.

I Visit the Farm

My brother invited me to go with him when he returned three weeks later. I was astounded by this powerful story, and did not hesitate to go with him. He first took me into the woods to show me the bare spots of impressed energy. They were gone! The energy clearing had been successful, and now the “dead” places were completely overgrown! In shaman’s vision I realized there were about twenty-seven guardians there, still worried about the one-eyed brujo.

We dowsed the land and discovered a huge ley line on the property. This was the largest and most complicated ley line I had ever seen, maybe 30 yards across. This might have been what the war had been fought over. Char later incorporated this ley line energy into a large medicine wheel.

Local History

The war had been fought up and down the ridge, and a five or six other close farms also seemed to be negatively affected. Char related the turmoil of these farms. The stories of abuse of women and children, suicides, drugs and alcohol abuse filled me with sadness and dread.

She had arranged for my brother and I, and a group of her friends to visit the worst of these farms. All had major energetic imprints from the original brujo and all the more recent violent events, and we encountered many ghosts stuck there. We were busy with energy clearings.

At the worst farm, we found the one-eyed brujo in attendance. With the aid of a deva friend Alathena, we convinced him to transition and leave Bardo. (read more about Alathena in We all breathed a sigh of relief at the end of this legacy!

Back at Char’s farm, with the removal of the brujo many of the guardians felt free to also move on. We were able to help them. Four of the guardians liked Char and her spiritualism very much. They decided to stay and protect her medicine wheel.

This experience was my first exposure to what dark can be created with the same tools I use to bring light. One individual had created so much havoc and misery!

Char now has a mentoring practice and is frequently called in for energy and ghost clearing work in the area! Contact her at:

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