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Say Hi to Your Higher Self!

Hathor image

Image of a Hathor on a column of an Egyptian temple. Hathors describe themselves as higher dimensional beings who came to Earth to help humans in their spiritual evolution.


Our higher self is that part of each of us that connects to all that is. When we are born, we forget this connection in order to have the experiences and learning we came here for.

Our higher self knows everything about our spiritual path. As I understand it, it connects to us through our ninth chakra. The ninth is over our heads. If we raise our arms up, our hands could encircle it.

Since it knows everything, the higher self can be a valuable resource. Yesterday I saw an old picture taken when I was in a community theater play. I was reminded about times in my life that I asked my higher self for help.

Acting Help

I had been cast in several plays at this time in my life. It was fun, but I had some issues being a good actor! I had a tendency to forget my lines and flounder trying to recover. This led to fears of blowing it onstage, and the resulting nervousness did not help the situation.

In this play, “Charley's Aunt”, I was cast in a fairly large role as an evil lawyer and was onstage much of the play. On opening night I was inspired to ask my higher self for help. I meditated and asked my higher self for my acting experiences in all my past lives. With this help, I calmed down. I gave my best ever performance and could concentrate on projecting emotions instead of remembering my lines!

Water Healing Energetic

Another opportunity to work with my higher self occurred when I read about a water healing procedure channeled from the Hathors by Tom Kenyon, and was very excited about the process. It uses water as a medium to transfer the higher dimensional energetic into a form a 3D body can use.

The first step is to contact your higher self, and ask for a healing energetic for whatever you are trying to cure. This could be for yourself or for someone else. The cure is downloaded from your ninth chakra through your crown chakra, and down your spine to your heart. I meditate and have the intent to contact my higher self, and ask for the specific energetic I want. I feel the energetic viscerally enter my body and flow to my heart. After the energetic is downloaded, you hold a glass of spring water(or the best water you have), and send the energetic down your arms and into the water through the chakra in each palm. I always get a vision of the water bubbling away as the energetic is absorbed. Next, drink the water! This is most effective when repeated three or four times over several days to a week.

After discovering this technique, I could not wait to try it! This was something anyone could do for themselves, so it was both powerful and empowering. I started charging water for people at a psychic festival. One woman who had tried this treatment returned two years later to the same festival to tell me she had been cured of chronic lifelong migraine headaches. This was with only one treatment! I also was able help a young musician with carpal tunnel syndrome from long practice sessions. She was afraid she would have to give up her cherished violin! I used the energetic to help myself several times when I was sick. After remembering it today, I will use it again for my current health problems!

Contact Your Higher Self

If you are familiar with meditating, this kind of spiritual connection happens best while in a meditative state. If meditating is not part of your spiritual practice, first focus on quieting your nervous system. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Take some long slow deep breathes and allow your body to relax. Then have the intent to contact your higher self. It helps me to visualize the ninth chakra when I make the connection, but this might not help everyone. Some people contact their higher self by what some call "automatic" writing or relaxed intuitve writing.

I encourage everyone to work with their higher self. This will be easier and improve with practice. As in other spiritual work, this is not a way to change your life. You will still have the experiences you came here for. This is a way to improve your life, and help you work through your challenges with grace and ease.


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