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An Earth Guardian Speaks

In a wonderful synchronicity, after my blog post on earth guardians (How to Live Forever part 3) and my Facebook post about sacred masculine and feminine, my dear friend Kathy Baxter sent me this wonderful story of her meeting with an earth guardian who watches the sacred space she stewards on Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story Kathy!

Over the summer I was blessed with a visit from Nia and Gentle Bear. Together they assisted with me on the portal I work with on my land on the magnificent Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve on Whidbey Island in Washington. This island and the Salish Sea which surrounds it have long been sacred to the indigenous people of the Northwest. When tribes would gather for Potlatch, they would set up camps on the spot where my house now sits. So it came as no surprise that Gentle Bear was able to connect with the four Guardians who have chosen to stay here to take care of this very special place.

I have been working with the medicine wheel here for four years, and I am also blessed to be a pipe carrier, having been called to participate in walking on the rainbow bridge with others who yearn for unity and oneness among the peoples of the earth. Recently I journeyed with Illi, the Guardian and Spirit Keeper of the South, and asked him for advice on how to work with the energy of the portal that I am charged with tending.

He is asking that I bring people together for Spirit Journeys to bring out the Earth's story to be spoken aloud. The core of my life purpose has been to listen to people’s stories and reflect their divinity back to them, so I was not surprised to hear that again, my instructions are to listen. But this time, it is Mother Earth who is creating a new story, and she is asking that we go to the portal and journey to her center to bring forth that story and tell it aloud. Illi has asked that we gather in groups to journey, and bring forth these stories together.

We are in a time of epic change, going to places we have never been, perceiving in a way we have never perceived, understanding our reality in a way we have never before understood. . So natural for his coyote energy, Illi showed me to focus on that which is fooling us.

If I am pained by the mean-ness of the measured world that I see, look beyond measurement. Notice what is going on at a higher level. The emergence of the feminine principle is happening and is integrating into the stream of human consciousness. There is a yearning towards compassion that is magnified tremendously by the desperate attempt to maintain the power of the third dimension reality which is being revealed and exposed as insufficient to carry us forward.

We know this now; our hearts are open and opening. Truth is being revealed. If we awaken alarmed, celebrate the unmasking of the imbalance and fill the void with yearning for compassion, upliftment, unity, justice and love for all souls. Affirm the one-ness. Affirm, affirm, affirm from the heart space.

Out of your head and into your heart. This is not a puzzle that can be solved with thinking.

The egg shell of our world is breaking. What is born as the shell falls away will be unrecognizable to many.

We have a choice. We can embrace the new Earth, or we can be a part of the desperate effort to reconstruct the old reality. Be one who recognizes the new reality, not one who tries to patch up the broken shell. Let it go. You will be fine. You will be magnificent.

BE. Be with all you've got. Give yourself totally to BEing. Make the commitment.

Thanks again! I'd love to share any earth stories here!

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