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How to Live Forever- Part Three

In "How to Live Forever"- Parts 1 & 2 I discussed what happens when we die, and my first experience in Bardo. I realized this discussion of the afterlife as viewed by a shaman was incomplete. I had neglected to discuss guardians.

What are Guardians?

I've encountered guardians several times at different sacred sites. After communicating with many guardians, I feel that I have an understanding. Guardians so love a sacred site that after they die, they remain connected to the site instead of going to the Plain of All Souls to transition to their next soul mission. This is a conscious decision, not an action created out of a confusion about the afterlife. They watch over the sacred site and protect it as much as they can from the other side.

Typically I have discovered four guardians at many sites. They have joined in with many ceremonies when invited, representing the four directions. While four is common, some places have had only two, ranging up to a site in North Dakota that had twenty-seven! That place is worthy of a story all it's own, "the story of the one-eyed shaman". I will relate that remarkable tale in another posting.

The King's Guardians on Maui

On Maui I visited the site of the Polynesian King's summer home. This had a crazy spiral energy beam and portal on the site that seemed very old. I suspected the summer palace was built there because of the energy beam rather than it being the result of the royal presence.

While exploring the portal, I became aware of three guardians on the site. I went into a trance and contacted them. They recognized me and called me by my Polynesian spirit name of Ramatiti! All three had been shamans who worked with the king and became guardians after they passed over. They had known me in that lifetime as another shaman.

I asked them about the energy beam. They sent me an image of two giant quartz crystals that had been buried there by the Lemurians. This was a very old portal! Now it made sense that the energy was so strong so many years after the palace was gone.

After thanking them for their work protecting the place, I asked if there was anything I could do for them. They asked me to walk counterclockwise around the palace grounds three times to seal the energy. I did this while drumming, and my two friends followed me in an impromptu parade.

Guardians' Powers

I do not feel that guardians have any special powers to protect the sacred site they love. Like other passed over souls, they can send telepathic messages and images and can project emotions. Devas have some control over 3-D objects. I have observed first hand a deva removing someone's crystal for a humility lesson, and heard many stories of deva's having physical interactions. Possibly the guardians could work with local devas to send more powerful messages!

My own interactions with guardians have been very positive. I always thank them for their work and devotion and help them if I can. They have always encouraged me in creating ceremonies to honor their sacred site, and without exception participated in these ceremonies.

More stories of guardians and devas are in our book:

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