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How to Live Forever -- Part Two

This post describes my first experiences in Bardo helping souls transition. In the Part One post I discussed Bardo and what happens when we die. If you missed it:

My first experience in Bardo happened after Hurricane Katrina. I attended a workshop on psychopomp presented by a shaman, Merle Borchers from Minneapolis, at the Interfaith Church in Duluth, Minnesota. Psychopomp is the Greek word for soul guide. Merle took all 21 of us at the workshop on a collective shamanic journey to a town in Louisiana where many people had died. Everyone had a personal experience there working with the recently deceased (and very confused!) souls.

Meeting a Deva

Merle had arranged this beforehand with a deva named Alathena. Her mission on earth is to help confused souls transition to the Plain of All Souls. She needs to work with someone physically in 3D to supply energy. In exchange for this help with her work, she protected the group during our journey and assisted in our efforts.

What Happened in Bardo

The entire experience took about 30 minutes. This is about the limit for this kind of work. When we shared experiences afterward, several people had worked with one or two “hard cases”. These souls required much discussion and love to realize what situation they were in. They did all successfully transition and move on the Plain of All Souls. Other people, including me, processed a lot of souls that only needed a simple explanation of what had happened and then were ready to transition.

I had an interesting twist to my personal experience related to my work with my animal guides earlier that day. That morning before class I had journeyed shamanically to the underworld to consult with my animal guides. To my surprise, I now had about 30 bird guides of all kinds! At the class I found out the reason for this. During our group psychopomp work, I experienced talking to small groups of about thirty souls. When they would agree to transition, my bird guides would pick them up and transport them to the tunnel of light portal that leads to the Plain of All Souls. Then Alathena would lead another small group over to me, and I would work with them.


.My Spiritual Practice

After this experience working as a medium with souls that have passed over became a major part of my spiritual practice.

Alathena has proven to be a valuable ally. She has helped me many times with my work with ghosts. After helping me, she will often lead other spirits in the neighborhood to me that also need to transition to their next soul mission. She helps me, and I help her. This works out well for us both, although I cannot pass a cemetery without getting a nudge to stop!

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