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How to Live Forever -part 1

This answer is so easy! There is no way to not live forever! We may loose our body, but our soul is a part of the eternal whole. What happens when we die has been confirmed by hypnotherapists like Dolores Cannon and many others. After doing many past life regressions, they started exploring the period between incarnations. People who have had near death experiences, that is, crossed over but then came back to their bodies, report the same story. Most recently author and anthropologist Hank Wesselman spent time in the Bardo realms through shamanic journeying. He also agrees with the same after death story. All of these accounts, besides agreeing with each other, also resonate strongly with my own journeys to the Bardo realm. I go there as a medium to communicate with and help souls who have passed over.

What is the Bardo?

This is the name given where we go when we die by Buddhists. To me, when I journey there it feels like part of the fourth dimension. The fourth is tightly interwoven with our third dimension. We also use a level of the fourth when we dream, and another when we take shamanic journeys.

One of the differences of the fourth dimension with the third is that instant manifestation happens there. This is how our dreams get so crazy! After a soul passes over to Bardo, whatever it thinks happens. If the person who died had no idea of the afterlife, this is how they get lost and stuck. If they think of a family member, they go immediately to them and start following them around. I have had this happen to several friends and clients. If the person who died thinks of their home, they go there. This is how homes get haunted.

So, what happens when you die?

When a person dies, first stop is the Bardo or fourth dimension. They are met there by their soul guide. The soul guide will assist them in going to the Plain of All Souls. There is a portal in Bardo that looks like a tunnel of light, leading to the Plain of All Souls. When I work with a confused soul(or ghost) I point out this portal and offer to assist them in going through it to their next soul mission.

The Plain of All Souls is a blissful place where your connection with all is remembered. This is where you could meet with passed over loved ones or ancestors. This is also where your soul committee will meet with you for a review of your life and the contract for this life that you agreed to before you were incarnated. After reviewing, your next soul mission is discussed and a new contract written and agreed upon.

Hank Wesselman went to bardo on a shamanic journey. He met his soul guide for this life, and asked to be taken to the Plain of All Souls. His soul committee was surprised! They did not expect to see him until he died. He explained that he was seeking information to teach others about what happens when we die. His committee shared his contract with him.

In part two, I'll share my experiences in Bardo and meeting a deva who's mission is helping souls move on to the Plain of All Souls. This wonderful poem by Tagore sums up my feelings about death:

"Say not in grief that she is no more

But say in thankfulness that she was.

A death is not extinguishing of a light

but the putting out of the lamp,

because dawn has come."

R Tagore

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