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The Magical World We Live In

My view of the world has expanded as I developed as a shaman. I have found Spirit is always communicating with us if we are open to listen. This happened a few years ago. Besides blowing my mind, the experiences I had on this property greatly expanded my world view to include devas, fairies, earth energies and direct communication from Spirit!

The first time JD (my brother) and I visited the 40 acre parcel south of Ashland, Wisconsin, I was learning dowsing. I had read about map dowsing, and decided to try it. I printed a map of the property, cleared a crystal pendulum, and started dowsing for leys and water lines, and power spots where they crossed. It was a small map, and I found so many lines and “hot spots” I was convinced I was dowsing incorrectly.

We arrived at the land, and as we walked we both dowsed using copper L rods. We verified every line I had found on the map! While I was looking along a ley line, I noticed that a row of large mushrooms (elves cups) were growing right on the line, up to a large fir. The mushrooms were on a long bulge in the ground, so I assumed they were growing on a long ago fallen tree. I looked behind the fir, and the straight row of mushrooms continued off into the woods as far as I could see! This was amazing, and rechecking other energy lines found more lines of mushrooms of various species. At the power spots, there would be a cluster of mushrooms. The whole area had been mapped for our benefit! I felt very welcomed with this display. This has never been repeated in the summers hence. This place, spectacularly beautiful, was extremely energetic. I felt humbled that we had been led there by spirit.

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