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Excerpts from Quan Yin, Ark of the Covenant & the Holy Cell Towers

July 27, 2015


We’re excited to be on our way to Roche-A-Cri. Bruce is full of anticipation to meet up with Mogodishra again and be in the special energy of Roche-A-Cri. I’m happy that I’ll finally get to experience this sacred natural site that I’ve heard so much about. We’re driving south on U.S. 51 away from our home in Ashland, Wisconsin on Lake Superior. It’s a beautiful summer day and we stop to have a picnic at a roadside park.


“We’ll stop at Rib Mountain on the southern edge of Wausau on our way down. Not only is it one of the periphery sites on the Roche-A-Cri energy grid, but it has some amazing huge quartz rocks you’ll love!” Bruce tells me.


“Great!” As a crystal healer, I’m always happy to spend time with my crystal allies.


However, starting about 40 miles from Rib Mountain, my sense of pleasant anticipation changed dramatically. Physically I felt yucky—headache and queasy stomach. Emotionally I wanted to get away and felt a strong sense of “I don’t belong here.”

Finally, we got to Rib Mountain, drove up the hill into the State Park, and got out of the car. All around us were boulders and slabs of rock, which had broken off from the quartzite from which the mountain was formed. They were so beautiful, glistening in the sun! But I felt even worse—quite nauseous and pounding head. It occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t just me but that there was something wrong energetically. Was all this quartz resonating with and amplifying some disturbed energy from the city below? (learn more about resonance, communicating and working with crystal allies, and quartz specifically in our chapter “Crystals of Light”.) We drove up a little higher to the top, and parked where we could better explore the rocks. As soon as I got out of the car, my question was answered. There it was—a giant cell tower, perched atop this beautiful sacred quartzite mountain!


Apparently the cell tower hadn’t been here the last time Bruce visited Rib Mountain, but now what? I felt called to head down the hillside, and soon we found the biggest, most securely grounded rock in the immediate area. Sitting on that rock and connecting with it energetically, I was guided to tone loudly. Vocal toning with intent to restore the natural energy is one of the easiest and most effective means of clearing crystals and stones. Bruce joined in and we were able to restore the natural energy to a great extent though not completely.  I experimented some with trying to create an etheric shield or deflecting the energy of the cell tower. But the rocks communicated that I wouldn’t be able to and shouldn’t because it would mess up the service of the cell tower. As I would find out later, my allies were talking about more than just messing up cell phone service in the surrounding area!


Cell Tower Magic


The next morning, while eating breakfast and planning our day, I got an intuitive flash about those pesky cell towers. What if they could be used to help the energy of the planet instead of being a detriment? I imagined each cell tower connected ethereally to the 5th Dimension and the Central Sun as well as grounded to the heart of the Earth and programmed to beam out unconditional love and healing energy for the planet and all her created beings! It’s just energy, I thought, and should be able to be programmed for highest good rather than being so disruptive. When I shared my vision, Bruce agreed and checked in with Archangel Michael who gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

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